I’m hoping things will calm down after this past week.

Wednesday I volunteered at a concert at Marymoor park. The bands were Matisyahu & Rebelution, both Reggae bands. Not really my genre of choice but I kind of like it. The concert was fun but I hope the THC is out of my system now.  ;-)

Day 56.

After working hard on Monday and Wednesday at the lake Grayson finally finished his Aquanaut at the pool Friday night. The lake made him a little too nervous so he asked if we could go to the pool and he knocked the two requirements he had left out right away. He spent the rest of the time jumping off the diving board and swimming laps. I’m so proud of his motivation. He’s our only boy to complete all 20 Webelos badges. And just in time for his birthday on Monday. No more Cubs. :-(


p.s. I don’t smoke weed, just everyone else at the concert was.


3 thoughts on “55…56…57

  1. Matisyahu (and reggae music in general) really grew on me during my time at BYUH. I love it now!!! I’m a little jealous.
    And congrats Grayson!!!

    1. I really liked Matisyahu. He sang a lot about non-violence, peace, love, etc, Everything the hippie in me loves to hear, also weed but I didn’t care for that as much. :-)
      He also started picking people from the crowd to come up on stage. One of the first was a little guy, maybe 9 or 10. At the end of the whole concert I saw the boy leaving with his dad, carrying a broken drum stick. I hope Matisyahu’s drummer gave it to him. Anyway, he ended up with tons of people on stage with him and then at another point he threw himself into the crowd. He had tons of energy and was a lot of fun to watch.

      1. Haha, yeah, the weed songs are not so great but my hippie self loves the rest of his messages :) “One Day” is my jam!
        That sounds like such a fun show!! Turns out he was actually here, in Berkeley, the same weekend as the Redmond concert…but on a Sunday. I was a little bummed about that timing :P oh well, some other time!

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