The last few days have been pretty busy so I didn’t get photos posted till this evening.

Sunday I didn’t get a pic till I was on my way to bed. So bedtime stories it is. I’ve decided my lens does a much better job outdoors than inside. Even after correcting in photoshop my indoor shots still have an off tone to them. Maybe I just need to play with the color balance some more. But all my outdoor shots correct very nicely.

This is Grayson’s last week in Webelos. Monday he turns 11 and moves on to Boy Scouts. He has earned all but one Webelos pin so we will be spending a lot of time at the lake this week working on Aquanaut. Forest’s girlfriend, a swimmer, came with us to give him some pointers. I caught Forest asleep while everyone else was swimming.

And today Grayson started soccer practices. He and I biked 3.42 miles to the practice fields. He was pretty tired by the end of practice but he made it home with just enough time to eat some dinner before going to his last Webelos den meeting.

More swimming tomorrow, soccer again on Thursday, and swimming on Friday if he’s not done with his aquanaut tomorrow.


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