Day 51-He’s Home!!

We picked Ethan up from Camp Pigott today! We missed him so much but we are so happy to find out he had a great time.

His first week Ethan was assigned to climbing which should have been a good fit for him. (His nickname is monkey for a reason.) But as a C-I-T he didn’t really do anything but watch the scouts climb. He was bored and not happy. After a misunderstanding he got in some trouble and as punishment he was sent to wash dishes in the kitchen.

It turned out that he LOVED that job. The kitchen crew started calling him The Machine and The Dish god. He figured out a system and finished them on his own faster than the three people before him could. He asked to stay there the other two weeks he was so happy. The head cook, David, loved him and pretty much gave him free reign of his schedule and duties which meant he slept in as long as he wanted, did breakfast dishes, lunch dishes, and dinner dishes at his leisure and did what ever he wanted to in between.  The other thing he loved was that the kitchen crew was allowed to eat whatever they wanted and as much as they wanted. AND he could ate as much leftover pudding and Jell-O as he could fit in his tummy.

He quickly became a part of the kitchen family and got along great with everyone. David all but pleaded with us to let him come back all of next summer and bring him to help out over winter break at Camp Sheppard as well. Ethan is thrilled. He wants to do both. And they said that when he’s 16 they would love to have him on as paid staff. Mission accomplished!

I’m so proud of my hard working boy. Dish duty doesn’t sound all that great but he figured out how to make it a huge benefit for himself. I love when I get to hear praise for my boys from other adults.

Also Ethan ended up earning 7 merit badges this summer, only has 4 Eagle required left.


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