Freecycle can be one of the coolest groups to be a part of sometimes. Last week another freecycler offered a boy’s mountain bike and I replied. I was hoping that it would fit either Hattie, or Grayson and then Hattie could have his. Hattie’s bike has been way too small for her for a while now.

The lady told me that she had already told someone else they could have it but I’d be next in line if they cancelled. Then she offered me two other bikes, a women’s and a girl’s, that she hadn’t posted on freecycle yet. I couldn’t pick them up till Wednesday and in the mean time the first bike had become available as well. I was hoping either they would be the right sizes or we could use parts to fix up some of our bikes.

We were thrilled to see that they were the right size and two of them worked great. I had to buy new pedals for Grayson’s and mess with the gears a bit. It still needs some adjustments but he can ride it now. I’m having fun learning how to fix them myself and YouTube is a great resource for instructions. I couldn’t seem to figure out how to hold things still to get one of the pedals off last night so this video was helpful. And this one helped with Grayson’s derailleur.

I like the lighter women’s bike that we got better than my mountain bike but Hayden likes it so after I do some work on it he can have it. Now to find Forest one and convince Aaron that he wants to start riding too.


4 thoughts on “49/94

  1. So you got 2 new bikes?? That is fantastic! What a blessing. Biking can be so fun and healthful. It is certainly cheaper than driving. Aaron’s Uncle Billy rides a bike everywhere… he doesn’t own a car.

    1. THREE!! It is such a blessing!
      I wouldn’t mind going without a car completely. But getting to church up the hill in the rain this winter may be rough. We’ll see. Maybe we can buy rain jackets instead of paying for gas. :-D

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