Day 44- Shopping Success

And the biking around town adventure continues. A friend in the ward found out I am biking and brought me a bike kid-trailer that they were no longer using. I was ecstatic. I decided to bike to Fred Meyer’s today to get our groceries for the weekend. It went great. I had only a couple of incidents that weren’t too big a deal.

  • Keep wipes in my back pack. I had to fix my chain at one point and so one hand got all greasy.
  • Next time remember to check the trailer tires before taking off. Luckily there was a Discount Tire Co. across the lot from FM and they were happy to fill them up for free and check my bike tires too. Thank you!
  • Don’t go on a Saturday. Traffic was a little crazy.
  • Parking the bike & trailer works out better down by the garden center because there is just no room where they have the bike racks at. They really need to be moved. I had to just wind my lock chain in and out of my tires and trailer and hope no one wanted it bad enough to mess with it.

I was considering cutting out the kid seats in the trailer but maybe not. They weren’t in the way really and if I leave them then I can pass it on to someone with little kids someday.

I’m really happy to have it now. The kids and I have been thinking about biking to the ward camp out and this would be great for bringing our sleeping bags, tent, and food in. The location is up in the air still though.


One thought on “Day 44- Shopping Success

  1. Wow! They are so pretty and look fairly new! How wonderful. I’ve been thinking about getting a bike. Great exercise and saves on gas, etc.

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