Day 38- New Chucks

I’ve finally worn a hole in the bottom of my trusty chucks that will be soaking up water as soon as the rains return. I was happy to discover that Fred Meyer’s had their Converse this past week so I went and grabbed some. I’ve been quite envious of my big brother’s navy chucks for some time so that was the color I wanted.  Turned out the one on display was my size so I happily grabbed them. I put them on to walk to church this morning and noticed the colors were off. The display one had faded under the florescent lights. I hope they have another pair in my size. If not maybe washing them will even it out. ???


4 thoughts on “Day 38- New Chucks

  1. Oh no!! I hope they have another pair in your size! Or maybe leaving the un-faded one in the sun for an hour or two would fade it to match?? I just got new Chucks recently too – dark purple/mauve :)

    1. Great idea Rach. Thank you! I haven’t been back to Freddy’s yet. Saturday is the plan.

  2. Remind me the shoes I had when I was at middle school, except we can only have white. It was some 35 years ago.

    1. :-) I’d like white ones too but they would turn grey very quickly. Thanks for visiting Teo.

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