Days 31 & 32

Again I forgot to take a picture last night. So on my way to bed I pestered Hayden. Actually I don’t think he really even noticed me, just went about his game playing.

Last Monday I started watching a baby for a young couple in our ward. It’s only for about 5 hours in the morning. Millie is 4 months old and a very easy-going baby. Her parents are very lucky. Hattie went with me on Friday and then again this morning. She’s very good with Millie and wants to help take care of her as much as I will let her. Most of the time it’s very helpful but she doesn’t like when she can’t calm her down and I have to take over.

We’ll probably only be watching her for a few weeks because her mom would really rather be home than paying someone else to be with Millie and I can’t blame her at all. It’s fun to take care of a baby though and give the two youngest an opportunity to help. I think Grayson will go tomorrow.

In other news, Ethan left for Camp Pigott. It will be really weird to have him gone for three whole weeks after he was gone last week. I think he’ll probably have a great time though:

(Not my photo or son.)


4 thoughts on “Days 31 & 32

  1. That’s so fun that Grayson and Hattie get to help! Daisy is about 4 months old too, Rebekah and Joseph stayed with us for a couple days last week and loved helping with her! Surprisingly, Joseph is more into holding her, etc, than Bekah. Haha!

    1. It’s a lot of fun for them both. Hattie is determined to do everything she can on her own and Grayson is trying to get the hang of handling a baby. They both are doing great though. Grayson is embarrassed about the diaper changing though. ;-)

      1. Haha! Joseph is embarrassed about it too! The first time I changed one in front of him he was like “uhh…well…that’s okay because she is a baby. So it’s okay. Right? It’s okay…” like he was talking himself into it ;)

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