24/94- My Monkey

I am trying to take pictures of the kids once in a while because I know Papa & Gammer enjoy them. But from this one up, they hate it. Well, maybe only this one hates it (can you tell). The older two tolerate it.

This is Ethan, my monkey. Although I don’t think my calling him that is as endearing to him as it once was.

Ethan packed up yesterday for Scout Camp. I buzzed his hair this afternoon and then he got a ride to the Scout Master’s house for pack check this evening. They leave tomorrow morning at 4:30 and return Saturday. It always feels weird when one of the boys is gone for several days. I have this feeling of something missing the whole time. I know exactly what it is but the feeling still takes me by surprise now and then throughout the week.

After he gets back from Scout Camp with our Troop on Saturday he’s supposed to be off to another Scout Camp for three weeks to work as a Counselor-In-Training (CIT). The goal is to get a couple of years of experience as a CIT and then get hired as a staffer at 17. He’ll be there to learn to lead younger boys and maybe teach merit badge classes eventually but it will also give him the opportunity to  earn more merit badges of his own. That’s exciting because he should come back this next week with 5 merit badges and then only need 4 more to go toward his Eagle. Currently he needs 2 to get his Life rank! Exciting!! Forest still needs motivating. Grrr.


2 thoughts on “24/94- My Monkey

  1. Thank you, Ethan, for posing. We do so appreciate being able to see your growth and changes. BTW, we are very proud of you working hard in the scouting program. These are abilities you will never regret. Love you all, Gammer

    1. I’ll give him the message when he gets back. Sorry about the misspelling. I fixed it. :-D

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