23/94- Derby Days

Saturday was Derby Days in Redmond. From the website:

Redmond Derby Days celebrates
its 73rd anniversary in 2013!

A summer tradition that came to life at the end of the Depression, it began as a drive to raise money for downtown holiday decorations and school athletic equipment. The Redmond Bicycle Derby was the outgrowth of a small town’s community spirit and is now the nation’s longest running bicycle race. It includes activities for young and old.

We started off the morning with a pancake breakfast at the Fire Station. This was the first year we got up early enough to actually attend. We got there just before 8:AM and only had about a dozen people in front of us. I loved this map of hydrants around town that was hanging in one of  the hallways of the station.

Aaron and the older boys weren’t interested in hanging around for the parade so as usual it was the little ones who stayed with me. I’m a little nervous that when they become teenagers I’m going to be alone in my little adventures. The kids had the opportunity to check out the fire trucks, try on uniforms…

…and spray a “burning house” with the big hose. Grayson said it was harder than he thought it would be.

Then we found seats with some friends for the parade, which I didn’t get any good pictures of, and then walked to city hall to check out the booths.  By the time we got back we were all exhausted and still that way later in the evening when it was time for the fireworks. Only Ethan and Forest, who was already there with friends, ended up going to them. They said they were way better than the ones in Seattle. That was just because they were right under them. If we had been closer to the ones in Seattle they would have been better. I hope I remember to plan better for next year by not spending too much time out in the sun during the day because I really enjoy the fireworks show at Derby Days.


One thought on “23/94- Derby Days

  1. Thanks for the interesting history lesson. So great that you guys go to such activities. I think it’s important.

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