Day 14 ~ Happy 4th of July

Brandy & I wanted to see the fireworks in Seattle on the 4th so we drug everyone along. All 13 of us bussed over to Seattle and walked just shy of a mile to South Lake Union Park at 4:PM to get a good spot and wait until the show at 10:PM.

We lucked out though because the Annual Wooden Boat Festival was going on as well. We’d never been before so we didn’t know it was there. We got to board and tour several boats of all sorts and they had activities, musicians, vendors all over and a water park so the wait wasn’t too bad.

When we got there the crowd was pretty light. We were able to camp out at the very front of the lawn area. People didn’t start filling in until about 6:PM when the festival closed. Unfortunately as it got closer to 10 people started stopping on the sidewalk in front of us. Luckily Charlie had decided to take Brandy’s tripod and stand right in front of our spot and just before it started we had the little ones move up with him because people had filled in behind him. I stood on a bench right behind Aaron so I probably had the best view of all of us.

Just before the show started we noticed a plume of black smoke on the north side of the lake and found out later that 14 boats had caught fire. It was blamed on fireworks being set off nearby. We were all a little nervous about what it meant for the show but it got started just a few minutes late. It was fun but I don’t know if we were still too far away or if this year’s show just wasn’t as big because it was a little disappointing. The whole day was a lot of fun though. We came back with sore feet and blisters but it was still better than just sitting around watching the kids play video games.

Sorry I didn’t bother with fireworks pictures. My phone camera would not have done well and neither would my 50mm lens so I just enjoyed the show without a viewfinder in front of my eye. It will be fun to see what Brandy was able to get though.

Hope everyone had a great Independence Day.


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