This is not day 13’s photo.

This is Day 13’s photo and our attempt to recreate it. The first was taken in September of 2009. What a difference!

It was pretty warm and very humid so the kids were not too thrilled to be posing in the sun but it came out still. After pics we went over to the climbing rock also at Marymoor Park. Ethan had been wanting to go over there for a while. He climbed to the top of this wedge and then slid down. He needs some lessons.

All the kids had fun trying it out, getting stuck and having to jump back down.

After Ethan watched a climber do a 360 on this wall he had to try too.

He needed a few tips. I told him as we were leaving that he needs to make friends with some of these guys and see if he can come to the rock when they do so he can learn from them.

But that’s not the end of day 13. Later in the evening Brandy and I drove into Seattle to take pictures of the Great Wheel. Chaz & Brand had rode the wheel the day before but they didn’t stay to get pictures after dark. We got there just in time to catch a nice sunset.

The lights on the wheel ended up being a little bit disappointing. I had hoped there would be more on. I always enjoy being in Seattle though and had a nice time hanging out with my sis.



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