I’m just Walkin’

Day 2 of 94 Days of Summer ’13


Several months ago I read this article about a guy who, after walking across the US, decided he wanted to walk every street in every borough of NYC. “What an awesome idea” I thought. I’ve always loved the idea of walking across the US but that’s not happening so the idea of walking every street in my town really appealed to me.  I promptly found myself a street map of Redmond, penciled out 1/2 mile, 1 mile, 1 1/2 mile… radiuses from our house and then started marking the roads I already knew I’d walked. The downtown bit was easy. There were very few I hadn’t already walked because I like to try to take different routes if I go to the same place several times. Since then, when I have the time, I look at my map and plan a walk along some new roads. The 1/2 mile around our house is almost done, I’ve walked some streets in the 1 mile circle, and I have a few streets in the 2 and 3 mile circles marked. I have a huge way to go though. Redmond is a pretty small city but most of it is residential so it’s full of little cul-de-sacs and residential niches that don’t connect very well. Only the downtown area is laid out in a grid, sort of.

Why, you ask. Because I love to walk, I love to see the city I live in on that level, and I love to take pictures of my city. So along with taking a picture everyday this summer I hope to mark off more of Redmond as walked.



2 thoughts on “I’m just Walkin’

  1. You are an amazing person. I so admire you, and what a great role model for your children. In fact, those who know you. Happy walking. (hugs)

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