Winter Qtr. Done! (Part 2)

Project 07 : making space

This final exercise will ask you to create an object that contains a series of spaces. You object is to be considered habitable but has no scale. The object or entity is to be dynamic, organized and clearly delineated.

You are asked to provide an experience for a user entering your object. The program is as follows:

An Entry Experience
Primary Space
Transition Space
Secondary Space

You must also provide an armature in your object. By armature, we mean a focal point. This armature can be located in either your primary space or your secondary space.

You will need to focus your investigation on one of the following elements of design as a focus while considering the others in the overall:

Framing (of views)
Envelope (surface)

Definition, proportion, and organization of space is critical.

Good craft is of course required in order to see your work.

Good luck.

I loved this quarter. All the projects were so fun; 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, (06 was research, you can see it at the top of this picture). But this final project was the best. I started out with a completely different idea which led to scoring the foamcore at 1/4” intervals to bend it. then I kept scoring more and more and playing with how it bent back and forth like those wooden snakes we had as kids.
Green Beige Wooden Flexibility Bendy Snake Toy Ornament

Not surprisingly, I have found I am very much drawn to playing with the materials. I hope that this is a positive thing and doesn’t hinder my progress in learning to design space.

I had a lot of fun with this class and look forward to the next Studio class. I have made a couple of friends that are a quarter ahead of me and have learned some of what to expect. It will be another very busy quarter but I know it will be a lot of fun too. Along with the Studio II class I’m taking Art112 which is 3D- Design. I believe it’s applying design concepts to sculptural forms. I’ve met the teacher and seen him in other classes and he seems very easy-going and nice. Friends tell me he is and that his class is pretty easy, easier than the the Color Design class which we were in together.

For now I’m going to enjoy another week off and read Fantastic Mr. Fox. :-D


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