Winter Qtr. Done!

The past month has been very busy with finishing up the quarter. 
Here’s a shot of everything I did for ART111: Design Color.

I loved learning about color theory and learning to mix paints to find colors but I did not enjoy the tedious painting. About half way through we were given the 3 color schemes assignment (the waves) and our last assignment was the color pattern (the two bigger patterns). I was just grateful to be done with both of those assignments. I much preferred the assignments with less painting and more mixing.
Here’s a list of all of our assignments:
Color Wheel
Value Finder (Optional)
Value-Hue Chart
Neutrals (Subduing Compliments)
Monochromatic, Analogous & Complimentary or Triadic Color Schemes (3)
Mix & Match
Median & Dark Transparencies
Geometric Transparency Design
One as Two
Two As One (Extra Credit)
Masterwork Match
Natural Objects
Patterns (2)

I’ll post a part two soon of my Interior Design Studio later.


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