Hayden had his 18th birthday on Tuesday. That evening I scanned a few photos from his first couple of years and had fun posting them on Facebook. I thought I should post some of them here and there are a few more on Flickr.

4 1/2 months old in Cedar City, UT

His 1st Birthday

Watching Rodeo with Grampy

Halloween, visiting Papa, Gammer, Garrett, Porter, & Bethany

Holding Baby Forest

Pictures with Daddy before he left for Korea.

I love my Hayd. I’m excited for what’s coming in his life. He turned in the paperwork for his Eagle the day after his birthday. Now he has to wait to hear from Council  then he’ll have his Eagle Board of Review.
He’ll be applying to go to Bellevue College for a few quarters while getting ready to put in his Mission papers. I think Hayden will love taking college classes. And I know he is going to be a great missionary. In some ways all of this is a little scary but mostly it’s super exciting.


4 thoughts on “18!

  1. How could all those years already have gone by?!! Thank you for this,,,Papa enjoyed it and so did I :}

    1. So glad you enjoyed them. I have so many pictures that were from film from the first few years of our marriage. Someday I need to get them all scanned.
      I’m glad Papa got to see these too and that you both enjoyed them.

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