Art 108

I’ve been posting about my Interior Design Studio projects but haven’t said anything about my two other classes this quarter. I just finished up Intro to Hand and Power Tools. It was a 5 week long, 2-credit class that briefly introduced us to the wood shop. We had 10 classes to learn some tools and build a bench. After going through the tools on a practice board, we had to draw up our own plans and make the cut list for our project. Those had to be approved by the instructor first and then we brought in our wood and got to work. “Bench” was a rather loose term for what we could design. Some people made small benches and some made end tables. I don’t particularly need a bench in my house so I made a short stool for the kiddos to use in the kitchen when they are cooking or doing dishes.

I made it all rounded to avoid a few injuries. I’m a little nervous about whether it will end up tilting on them though. I tried to keep the overhangs small. I’m happy with how it turned out though. I think it’s super cute. I think I want to give it a Roy McMakin half painted, half stained look. Not sure if I want to go with a blue, green, or orange and whether I will put the color on the top or bottom. I need to decide soon though and get it done so that the kids can actually use it.

I enjoyed this class mainly because I found the instructor, Gretchen Lillie, to be very sweet and patient. She had to guide 15 people through using what can be very dangerous equipment and she did it with such a calm and pleasant demeanor. I look forward to taking the 3D design class (I think next quarter) which she assists in.


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