Pierced Ears!

Hattie an I took a little walk today to go get her ears pierced.

She was nervous of course but only said “ouch” as each one was done. Then she couldn’t sit still, repeating, “Ow, ow, ow.”

Then I think a little shock set in because she was super calm as we ate our lunch and had a caramel apple spice at Starbucks. But I got her to smile a couple of times.

By the time we walked back home she was giddy again and couldn’t wait to show her dad and her best friend. Oh, she picked her birthstones (topaz).


6 thoughts on “Pierced Ears!

  1. Adorable!! :) Hooray for Hattie!
    I remember getting my ears pierced at the mall when I was 8, too….only I was not so brave. I kind of flipped out after the first one was done, and wouldn’t let them pierce the other ear until 20 minutes later (after my Mom had walked me around the store explaining that I would look silly with just one done so I HAD to get the other one pierced, too). Haha I’m glad your experience with Hattie was much more calm and enjoyable! :)

  2. How are her ears feeling? I remember having mine pierced and it hurt so bad. Then they got infected even though I was really good about cleaning them and the earrings were stuck – I couldn’t turn them because they were crusted onto my earlobe. Good times. :D

    1. They are doing well, a little sore the first two days but not today. She’s doing a goo job of remembering to clean them.

  3. oh my… another milestone in her life. I guess a bra is next, eh? LOL (I was 18 when I had mine pierced and not near as brave as Hattie.) Had it done at home by a friend who used needle, thread, cork, and numbed the lobes with ice cubes. Oh.. and she used rubbing alcohol. Barbaric to say the least. I was to leave the strings for a couple weeks and turn them every few hours and keep them wet with the rubbing alcohol. After they did one, I refused to do the second, so a neighbor sat on my laps and held my arms down. One is off-centered, by the way. Grrrr!

    1. LOL. That’s funny because I had a similar experience. My mom took me to the local hairdresser who had a little shop behind her garage. She used a needle and a potato. it hurt like crazy but I got both. I was 8 like Hattie. They aren’t lined up either. It drives me crazy.
      When I was a naughty teenager I decided to give myself a second hole on the left side. It hurt like a son-of-a-%#$*@. It was always a little bit infected. I haven’t put anything in it for years and it’s closed up inside but the holes are still on the outside. Stupid teenager!

      1. Haaaaa… that is too funny. What we do to our bodies. I rarely wear earrings anymore, but when I do I am able to shove the darn things through the holes. Can’t wear them long, because they itch — no matter what I wear, or they start to get infected. Poo

        I hope Hattie loves her new look. There is something special about little earrings. You feel prettier — in a way. Older perhaps?

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