Project 03

INDES 171 : Interior Design Studio 01
Project 03 : Organizing principles

this third exercise will ask you to use a single piece of bristol board in order
to draw and organize a series of elements. I ask that you arrange the
following “boxes” in terms of the listed configurations.
the boxes:
10 @ 1/2” x 1/2”
10 @ 1” x 1”
6 @ 1 1/2” x 1 1/2”
4 @ 2” x 2”
The configurations (pick one):
overall size cannot exceed 10”x10”; definition of space is critical.
one line drawing equal weights
one line drawing with line weights
two figure ground drawings
initial lay out with hard line pencil on trace
over lay freehand ink for final drawings
good craft is of course required in order to see your work.
good luck.

The middle drawing has very small line weight so it just doesn’t show up.

This project, although entitled organization principles, was meant to get us started on drafting techniques and to set the stage for our next assignment. After sketching and laying out over a dozen ideas I finally decided on this one, a sort of grid configuration. I think if the squares were laying on one of their sides it would make a more static design where this feels like it has more energy, like the boxes are floating through space. This idea seems to be dictating what I’m doing with the next assignment as well. You’ll see the first version of that next week.


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