Project 02

INDES 171 : Interior Design Studio 01
Project 02 : Horizontal Planes

this second exercise will require you to use a single piece of bristol board in order to define space by means of employing only horizontal planes.
the paper can be folded, cut, attached, etc in order to understand space by horizontal delineation.
overall size is not important.
definition of space is critical.
good craft is of course required in order to see your work.
good luck.

I actually came up with this folded paper while brainstorming for the vertical project but it just wasn’t working for that so I put it aside. When my instructor gave us this assignment I knew I pretty much had it done. So I took the bristol board and folded it on a 60° angle from each side, then folded along all the intersections. The result is a bunch of equilateral triangles. Aaron calls it a toy because you can sit and fold the paper in on itself in all kinds of ways.

When I presented it I didn’t take it folded or glued in any particular way, just held it flat in my lap. When it was my turn I then sort of rolled and folded it to create this (pretty much). It got a great reaction from my instructor and classmates.


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