Last month.

After the Space Needle, Pike Place Market is probably the next most popular tourist spot in Seattle. I love to visit the market. I t’s so full of life, so much to see. When we visited to get shots of the market and the gum wall I went around trying to find an abstract view. I thought of Rachel the Pig’s feet or her foot prints, a close up of some fish or produce, and so on. As we left I snapped this shot on the corner and when the negatives came out it caught my eye. I liked all the textures and shadows and ended up doing a pretty dark exposure.

Well I hope you enjoyed my Seattle Calendar. I thoroughly enjoyed taking the photos and making it. I went with the FedEx Design & Print Center to print it because they were the only online service I could find that would let me use square photos. All the others wanted to crop them to 4×6. And FedEx had a nice classic black layout without any cutesy graphics.

Here they are all together like you might see on the back of a calendar.

calendar 2

Seattle 2013
1. January, 2. February, 3. March, 4. April, 5. May, 6. June,
7. July, 8. August, 9. September, 10. October, 11. November, 12. December


2 thoughts on “Last month.

  1. KelI, these are great! Your photos are just as you say and all together they are really cool looking. Stuff we don’t see much anymore. Especially black and white, but in that form the textures really are apparent.

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