Point of View

This shot is definitely one of my favorites from the calendar. How could it not be?! You are looking at Elliot Bay, West Seattle with the Alki Lighthouse, the Puget Sound beyond and  Port Orchard. Blake Island might also be there in front of Port Orchard, not sure.

Besides just being a cool looking shot the execution is what makes it. I have to say that my instructor gave me the idea for this so I can’t take credit for the genius but I did manage to pull it off. Once again I went to a very touristy spot to find an abstract shot. Kerry Park has one of the best views of Seattle so it’s probably one of the most photographed as well. (Go ahead, click the links.) It’s definitely got to be one of the most used spots for engagement and wedding shots. Rather than take the usual shot of Seattle or the bay my instructor told me to try putting the lens right up to the “POINT OF VIEW” telescope. I spent a couple of bucks and took several shots. Some didn’t work at all but this one turned out perfect. I still remember the giddy feeling when I saw the negative and when I started making the print. I love the effect from the water around the frame and I like the hazy feel to the background. It reminds me of a hot summer day, even though it was a cold day in February. I need to frame this one and hang it.


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