Gum + Math

The gum wall in Seattle sits is in a narrow ally at Pike Place Market. Even on a sunny day it’s shadowed by the surrounding buildings, but in February it’s much more likely to be cloudy than sunny. The Holga camera I was using didn’t have a flash so all my pictures relied on whatever light was available. Naturally I turned the problem of getting enough light in Post Alley for the gum wall shot into a math problem. It’s been a while so I don’t remember the exact process but something to do with finding out what time of day the sun would be coming up and at what angle the alley sits to figure out what time on a particular morning the sun would be shining down the alley.  Aaron & I were thrilled to discover that I only turned out to be a few minutes off. It was fun.

I think this is one of the two most abstract of the pictures I took for the calendar. It has kind of a creepy feel to it. It’s way cooler in print than digital which is true for all of them of course.


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