New Year, Old Photos.

I’m excited for the new year. I remember last December feeling pretty indifferent to the whole thing. I didn’t make any resolutions because I felt pretty overwhelmed with life so giving myself one more thing just felt daunting. Not sure what’s different this year but I do feel the need to make a couple of goals.

First is to follow blogs more and Facebook less. I’ve really gotten out of the habit of reading blogs and they just hold so much more meat for connecting with friends and family. Facebook seems more superficial and just plain, old nonsense. I know most of what I post on it is nonsense. I want my social media to mean a little more to me this year.

Second is to blog my pictures more rather than just leave them on Flickr. I guess because I want my photos’ stories to be told rather than just being there. So I hope to post more with the thoughts that brought me to take them. We’ll see how that turns out though. It may just be more nonsense.

So to start the year off are some photos I took between January & March 2012 for my darkroom lab techniques class. I mentioned using a Holga camera a couple of times but never posted pictures because I had to keep them secret and here’s why. Because just taking photos isn’t enough, I had the idea of using them to make a Christmas present for my sis, Brandy. I love to take pics of Seattle so I decided I would make a Seattle calendar for her. I based the idea on the typical tourist calendars you find in any grocery and drug store in the Puget Sound area but gave it a little twist. Holga photos don’t come out like pristine shots you’d put in a calendar anyway but I made the shots a little abstract as well.

The least abstract was the cover shot taken from the Columbia Center observation deck. It came out pretty over exposed but with the help of my instructor I managed to pull out some blacks and what came out was a foggy, typically rainy day in Seattle. I liked how the clouds really dominate the scene and how little you see of the city, how the iconic Space Needle is almost lost in the background, and Magnolia Bluff is just barely visible .

Seattle 2013

Rather than posting all 12 at once I’m going to post one a day. That will also give me a chance to talk about each one a little more.

Happy New Year everyone!


4 thoughts on “New Year, Old Photos.

  1. Love it! I want one :).
    I’m so glad you will be blogging more photos. Flicker would never let me see the photos i’ld get the little thumb nails but never could see them larger. :).
    I need to better about blogging too. It really is a good way to stay in touch.

    1. Bummer you couldn’t see my pics!! The ones of the kids are marked as friends and family only. You should blog more. :-D

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