Our Last Baptism

Our Hattie Kay turned 8 in November and got baptized on the 17th.

We had a sweet, simple gathering of a few friends and our family. Her daddy performed the baptism and the confirmation. Hayden & Forest said the prayers. I gave the talk on Baptism and our Primary president gave the talk on the Holy Ghost.

There was a very special spirit present and Hattie was incredibly happy. She told me over and over. It was fun to be with one of our kids in the dressing room afterwards for the first time. As I helped her dry off and get dressed I got to see her excitement. She knew that what she had just done was special. I loved those precious moments with her.

It was crazy to realize that that was our last baptism but I can’t say that I wish we had more to come. It’s a strange feeling to not want more kids but then have to sit and watch the ones you have grow and mature each year. I look forward to each day ahead but wish I could hang on to the days that are past.

I feel the importance of this event and the change that it signals in my life. In just a few short years our boys will start getting married and we’ll become grandparents. And before I know it my baby girl will be there too. I want to scream out, “HOW CAN THIS BE?!!!”


2 thoughts on “Our Last Baptism

  1. Thanks for sharing about the baptism. Being so far away is hard but we loved reading and seeing pictures about it. Gammer

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