Our Holidays

Warning, this is another long catch up post, with lots of pictures…

Thanksgiving was delicious, of course. We had a sweet tasty ham, garlic mashed potatoes, a new stuffing recipe, green beans (this recipe is really close to mine), a new sweet potato recipe (just thinking about them makes me want some now), gravy, rolls (I cheat and get Rhode’s), and more pies than I care to admit.

I got the boys to gather on the couch for a picture but forget getting them to actually pose. I’m sure Hattie was out playing with her new best friend.

December 1st was a busy day. I was invited to a friends’ house to create hideous Christmas decorations. After collecting votes on Facebook, the winner won an Amazon gift card. Mine wasn’t hideous enough I guess.  It was fun to hang out with some ladies and eat yummy treats.

Later that evening the kids and I walked to city hall for Redmond Lights. Hattie & Grayson got to ride a carousel. Forest took off to be with friends and Hayden & Ethan wandered around for a while.


After a few activities and treats at city hall Grayson, Hattie & I walked to Redmond Town Center (our outdoor mall) for more festivities. The trail was lit with luminaries, light displays, and there were several performing groups, choirs, bells, bag pipes, and a live nativity along the way.

redmond lights

At RTC the restaurants all had free sample booths but the lines were super long and we had already had dinner. A Beatles cover band was performing and a group from the senior center flash mobbed the center court. Here’s the video, my picture is terrible. Hayden was volunteering for the city, going around taking surveys of the events, Ethan had disappeared back at city hall so I assumed he went home.  The little ones and I had a great time together. I really love this town we live in and I love being able to walk to get around for the most part.

Before Winter break started Hattie had a few school activities. She was a member of the after school glee club and they performed some Christmas songs one evening.

Then I helped out with her class’ shopping/wrapping day. The class gets to earn “money” throughout the year and then they get a couple of chances to go shopping with it. I liked that Ms. Nice had them write down a list of people they were going to shop for first, then she had them make tags and we helped wrap all their gifts. The gifts were little trinkets, toys, erasers, etc. It was cute.

On the 16th our stake had their Christmas Music Devotional. Grayson & Hattie sang two songs in a children’s choir. They ended up standing right in front of the mic so we could hear Grayson loud and clear. He sounded so nice, right on pitch. Someone in our ward even commented on it the next Sunday. And then I sang in a two ward combined madrigal group. Long story short, I had sung in a larger group last year for Redmond Lights and the director emailed this year to see who wanted to sing one of the songs for the devotional this year. I’m glad I wasn’t right in front of the mic. We sang Sing We Now of Christmas, gorgeous song. All the songs were beautiful and The Spirit felt wonderful. It was a wonderful way to really start the season off.

One of the things I enjoy most about being on my own winter break is getting to volunteer at the kids’ schools a little bit. On the last day of school before winter break the middle school had a holiday party. They held a dance in the commons (cafeteria), basketball and bowling in the gym and crafts and board games in the main hall. I went to help chaperone, aka people watch. The one thing I was most amazed at was the difference between the boys and the girls. For the most part the boys were exactly that, little boys. But most of the girls looked like they were trying to be grown women, heels, dresses, make-up, hair. It was crazy and sad. Oh and, they don’t dance, just stand around then jump up and down during the choruses.

After all that we’ve just been enjoying a lazy break staying up late watching movies, playing Settlers of Catan, having friends over for dinner, and sleeping in.

We had a simple Christmas which is how we like to keep it. The kids were all happy with their gifts. And then we had a tasty Christmas dinner of tamales, refried beans, Spanish rice, and veggie toppings. Oh, and way too many sweets.

This picture does not do them justice. They were yummy. And I have a big bag of more in the freezer to have in a few days. Mmmmm.


3 thoughts on “Our Holidays

    1. I can Sarah. Do you want me to save one for you to try? They weren’t very spicy. My neighbor makes better ones though. She uses banana leaves to wrap them instead of corn husks so they stay really moist. The banana leaves have oil in them or something.

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