Fall 2012 Soccer Season

More catching up…

Grayson and Hattie played soccer again this past fall and of course they loved it and we love watching them. This will be Hattie’s third season with the same coach and girls. Several of the girls are in her school as well, they get along really well and they’re all very aggressive players. It’s kind of sad when we are up against a team of girly girls because our girls trash them. Their name, the Power Girls, is very appropriate.

Grayson has been with his team for two seasons now. The team he was with last fall (2011) didn’t reform so we wrote in the names of a couple of boys he had played with the year before (2010) on his application.  They had a really strong team and he knew a few of the boys. A couple of others from the 2011 team also ended up on this year’s team.

They have two dedicated and hard-working coaches. They played a great season and ended up only losing one game. We were excited to find out that they were seeded #1 for the play-offs at the end of the season.

They played and won their first game in the quarter finals and then played the one team they had lost to earlier in the season. The game was insane! Both teams played so hard and ended up tied through two over-times! After that it came down to the teams taking turns making goal shots. The other team made all of their shots and blocked all of ours. Our poor goalie just couldn’t handle the pressure. All us mom’s and several of the boys ended up crying with him. It was a really sad but amazing experience to see everyone huddle around him in support.

We are looking forward to playing again in the spring, hopefully with the same teams and coaches. Seeing how much they enjoy playing and how they get along with their teammates is incredibly rewarding.


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