Changes to come, but first.

I really want to change things up on my blog this next year but before I do I want to catch up just a little bit. You may only get this one more post before then though, we’ll see.

I need to post about my Intro to Interior Design class. like my Human Geography class, I loved it. My instructor is an architect who has his own firm in Seattle.

Paul Michael Davis Design

He is a pretty cool guy. Unlike GW he very much taught by class discussion which I always like. There were plenty of smart people in our class with lots to share.

The class assignments consisted of several field trips and sketches. I’m not a great artist but I enjoyed the challenge and the opportunity to grow. As a class we visited Cupcake Royale on Capitol Hill designed by Roy McMakin.

Didn’t have much of a chance to take pics.

Then St. Ignatius Chapel at Seattle University designed by Steven Holl.

I really loved this window in the chapel.

We also visited Callison, a design firm in Seattle.

And the Seattle Public Library designed by Rem Koolhas.

I love that building. It’s a little like a maze inside at first but as an explorer it’s like walking into a treasure chest.

We also had several field trips on our own to sketch spaces and details. The first was of the science building at BC and it was the only one I didn’t take a picture of. I kept meaning to all quarter and just never did.

Next was the Bellevue Art Museum designed by Steven Holl.

I sketched this space and a section drawing of a Shaker table.

Then we had to go to the Western Bridge Gallery Space designed by Roy McMakin. The bus trip there was big fun. I nearly got on one wrong bus and made 4 different wrong turns while walking. I usually have a good sense of direction but for some reason that trip I was turned around the whole time.

We had to sketch the entrance, a section, a perspective drawing and a case study of a space.

Next was a trip to St. Mark’s Cathedral on Capitol Hill.

I chose the front door for my section drawing and then the nave for my perspective.

Our final sketch assignment was at the Seattle Public Library. We had to do a perspective drawing of a space, then an entrance to that space:

And a detail section of something in that space.

There, you get to see one of my drawings.

Our final assignment was a Design Manifesto.  I wrote mine on sustainable design through density. It was pretty cool because that’s what I had written my 10-page research paper on in English 201 so most of my research was done. I just had to visit some spaces in downtown Redmond. We had to make a presentation, either a power point or a board. I used the map of downtown Redmond (artistic license taken) as the layout for mine. The presentation had to include pictures of spaces and design materials (carpets, fabric, paint, flooring…).

My basic thesis is that the building of single-family houses in ever-sprawling suburbs can’t last. That multi-family housing by nature is a more sustainable housing option and that well planned urban centers where services and public transit are easily accessed without the need of a personal car is a far better conservation of our natural resources. That’s the gist anyway.

Whew, that was a long post. Sorry for not conserving more of your time.


2 thoughts on “Changes to come, but first.

  1. Thank you for sharing your classes. It was very interesting to see what was required of you and some of the things you did.

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