Yes, everyone’s talking about it but it had significance for our family today.  It was Grandma’s birthday.  And she turned 66. (6+6=12!!)

Photo pilfered from my sis’ flickr photostream.

I called her at 12:12 to wish her happy birthday but forgot to account for daylight saving so it was 1:12 her time. DOH!

When the kids got home we called again.  We had her on speaker phone and as soon as she said hello we took turns telling her happy birthday in 12 languages.
Hattie: Feliz Cumpleaños (Spanish)
Grayson: Joyeux Anniversaire (French)
Ethan: χρόνια πολλά (Xronia Polla) ((Greek))
Forest: felix dies natalis (Latin)
Hayden: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag (German)
تولدت مبارک (tavallodet mobārak) (Persian)
生日快樂 (shung ruh kwhy lah) ((Mandarin))
Feliz aniversário (Portuguese)
Forest: Buon compleanno (Italian)
Gratulerer med dagen (Norwegian)
Aaron: 誕生日おめでとう (Tanjoubi omedetou) ((Japanese))
All: Happy Birthday (English)

For several years we sent all our parents, siblings, their kids, and a few close friends cards in the mail for their birthday.  I had a pretty good system where I would buy all 70 or 80 cards and stamps, and run them through the printer to address them.  Then I had them organized in a box by month with everyone’s birthday in my Google calendar with a 4 day alert.  When I got the email I’d pull out the card, we’d all sign it and then send it off.  It was a fun tradition because not too many people send birthday cards in the mail. I can’t even tell you how many times someone would thank us for always remembering their birthday or how their kids loved getting the cards every year.  Unfortunately with being busy in school and Aaron being out of work I had to stop buying and sending cards. Now I just do the boring birthday wish on Facebook but once in a while I try to come up with something unique and 12-12-12 definitely needed something unique and needed to include the kiddos.

So Happy Birthday Gma Wil!  We love you.  Glad we got to talk to you on your special day.


3 thoughts on “12/12/12

  1. That is so awesome!! :) I love that you made her day special, and that you used to mail cards to so many people each year! I just might steal that idea…if I can ever get organized enough. Haha!

    1. I hope to do it again someday because it really was a lot of fun. I kept wanting to take tons of pics of the kids, enough to make tons of postcards and send those as birthday greetings but never did. Maybe someday.

      1. Brilliant again! Please do it someday, that would be fantastic. There’s a lot of life left to live, you’ve got time :)

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