91/94- Time to veg.

91/94- Time to veg.
, originally uploaded by kelsimad.

Grayson had his first day of band. He was so excited to get his loaner clarinet and I was grateful that Mr. F had one he was willing to let us use. Grayson came home from school and immediately got it out. He and Forest spent 2 hours upstairs playing with it. Forest taught him how to play Three Blind Mice.

I had my first day of class, Human Geography.  My teacher is a pretty cool gentleman from Newcastle.  He has a smashed nose, a great accent, and a fun personality.
I got up yesterday thinking it was the first day of Fall quarter, rode the bus down to Bellevue and discovered it was opening day but classes didn’t start till today. Oh well, I was able to take care of some business that would have taken a lot longer today because hardly anyone was there yesterday.
This evening we had court of honor for Scouts. Forest, Ethan and Hayden each got two merit badges. Forest received his Life rank and Ethan got his Star rank.
I sewed on a few patches both before and after court of honor so it’s been a pretty busy day and I am ready for some TV.


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