Days 79, 80, & 81

79/94- Busy Boys

Busy family in general.  Now that school has started it’s getting harder and harder to remember to take pictures and even harder to post them on here.

Hayden and Forest are running in Cross-country.  Forest wanted to quit the first week of school but we told him he had to stick it out longer.  today they actually got to run in their first meet and he liked it a lot.  Hayden doesn’t want to quit but he’s worried about it interfering with homework.  Practice is every day after school with a meet almost every week and even a couple of Saturday meets as well.  One day he skipped practice and came straight home to work on homework because he had quite a bit.  I was proud of him for knowing what he needed to do.

Ethan had signed up for tennis but he hasn’t said anything about when it’s starting and because of his ankle I don’t know if he will play.  He’s wanting to stay home and do online school though.  Aaron and I actually think he might could do really well so I’m trying to get in contact with his counselor to talk about it.

Then as part of being in high school band Forest is in the pep band.  They get to play at 4 or 5 home football games and I think later in the year for basketball. Before the games the band boosters put on a “tail gate party” in the band room and feed them all.

80/94- Pep Band

Grayson and Hattie started soccer again. Grayson has two practices a week, Hattie one and they both have games on Saturday. They are both having a lot of fun and we love watching them.

81/94- First Game

They had games at almost the same time so I only got to see a few minutes of Hattie’s game before I had to take Grayson across the park to his.  I’ll get pics of Hattie’s this week.


One thought on “Days 79, 80, & 81

  1. You must be so tired when your head hits the pillow at night. What a busy family. I wish I could have heard Sarah today, too. But our son and his fam did not leave until 9:30 a.m. Love the photo of Hattie helping with the ward project. Isn’t she cute? I always enjoy your photos, even if I don’t comment. Keep ’em coming.

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