Monkey’s first trip to Urgent Care, amazingly enough.

Last Thursday Ethan went to hang out at a friend’s house.  They were climbing trees, of course.  He stepped out of one, landed on a root and twisted his ankle.  The swelling didn’t go down by Friday night so I took him to urgent care.  The doctor thought he saw something in the X-ray but the radiologist didn’t.  He got sent home with a boot anyway, just to be safe.  His friend’s mom had some crutches that they brought him home with.  He took them on the first day of school but when I drove down to the bus stop to pick him up he got off carrying them.  He said his arms were killing him.  He’s ditched them completely now.

I’m amazed that this is his first, big injury related to climbing.  Guess he’s just a good climber.

78/94- Ethan survived his 1st day of 8th grade.


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