74/94- 18 Tents!!

Spent way too much time in the car today.  I drove Hayden around this afternoon to pick up a bunch of tents that people had offered him for his project.  Yesterday was his cut off for accepting them and on Tuesday the Varsity and Venturing Scouts are going to set them all up and inventory them to see what repairs are needed.  His goal was to get 10-15 tents so 18 is pretty cool.  I’m still so excited about this project.  It’s such a cool thing.  And it’s fun to see Hayden pulling it off.  Of course, now the real work starts for him, the leadership part.

Earlier in the day we helped a friend move some beds to her new apartment. We could have fit another mattress or two and two dressers if she had needed. This is the second time we’ve been able to help someone like this and I’m really glad we are able. For another friend we got two couches, two dressers and miscellaneous boxes in our behemoth.


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