72/94- Meet &Greet

72/94- Meet &Greet, originally uploaded by kelsimad.

More gearing up for school today. Grayson and Hattie got to see who their teachers are going to be and say a quick “Hi” to them.  But it ended up being a little disappointing.  We already knew Hattie’s teacher because she was chosen to be in a 2nd/3rd split class and we got an email about it yesterday.  She’ll have the same teacher Grayson had in 2nd grade which is what we were hoping for.  Ms. Nice is a great teacher and I think Hattie will do very well in her class.  Hattie was also disappointed because only one of her good friends will be in her class.  There will be eight 2nd graders and fourteen 3rd graders.

Grayson’s teacher is “New.”  From what I heard, on Monday they had one 4th grade class but that enrollment was continuing to grow so the class may get split.  So the split happened and the school will be hiring a new teacher.  I hope they let us know by email when that happens and we get to go say Hi but since school starts Wednesday they may not have time.  He was a little bummed too because his best friend is in the other class but his mom and I both thought that would be a good thing.  They can be a huge distraction to each other.

So here’s to an interesting new school year.


5 thoughts on “72/94- Meet &Greet

  1. All three of my boys had Ms. Nice! I love her. :D I hope Grayson loves whoever his teacher is.

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