69/94- C25K week 1 day 1

69/94- C25K week 1 day 1, originally uploaded by kelsimad.

Forgot to post yesterday’s picture.

I’ve been fighting myself all summer to get out and run again. Last summer we started the Couch-to-5K running plan as a family to get the older boys their Personal Fitness merit badges. It turned out to be a really great activity. Even though some mornings we didn’t want to be out on the track, by the end of the summer we were amazed at what we had accomplished. Aaron and I tried to keep going after the kids started school but I ended up having an early class and we let the rain hold us back.

Summer came this year and the kids started asking if we were going to run again. We only made it out two times, I think, before scout camp, day camp, colds, high adventure, etc. got in the way.

I kept wanting to run but I wanted to do it with Aaron.  Along with two extended colds, he just hasn’t been motivated though. Over the weekend I overheard two ladies at our ward camp out talking about running, where, when, how fast, etc. I thought about it more Sunday and decided when I went to bed that night that with Aaron or not, I was going to get up and run Monday morning. It felt great to go.

When I got back I continued to think about how I was going to keep myself motivated on my own and decided that I was going to have to make it a daily thing. If I tried every other day it would be too easy to skip. I have to make it a part of my daily routine.

I woke up sore this morning and was grateful for a comment that my cousin had made on Facebook that he puts his running shoes on everyday.  Even if he can’t run, he goes for a walk. I think if I hadn’t read that I would have been too sore to run and not done anything. So instead I got up and walked up our hill.

I really-really want to stick with this, this time. I need to get a rain jacket and I need to figure out a time to fit it in once the school year starts.


5 thoughts on “69/94- C25K week 1 day 1

  1. So proud of you! I’ve been wanting to get back at it and have decided I’m gonna do my jumprope routine in the house. Wish me luck.

  2. Good for you! Douglas and I have been getting up at 4:30 since Jan. some mornings it’s hard but we push each other out of bed :) lol. Good luck! I’m rooting (spelling?) for ya!! :)

    1. 4:30?!!!! That’s insanity, but way to go!! Thanks for rooting for me, I’ll root for you too.

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