51/94- Portrait time!

What an exciting day!!  Hayden’s Eagle project is underway.

It all started on Sunday when Hayden met with his Eagle project coach to get started with his project.  His coach had him lay out the plan and set some deadlines.  His first was to get the advertising done by Friday, tomorrow.  This of course means me constantly nagging and reminding him and sitting with him to help him figure out where to advertise and how to word it.

So Sunday we hunted down all the ward bulletin specialists and relief society secretaries in our stake.  We sent out an email to ask them to publish it in their bulletins and newsletters.  We also emailed Bob Yoder of Redmond Neighborhood Blog to see if he would publish an announcement on there.  Then today we published announcements on Freecycle, Craigslist, and Redmond Patch.  Hayden has heard back from some of the ward bulletins but hoping they all got the message and he’s waiting to here back from Redmond Neighborhood Blog.

I made him get dressed up in his uniform this morning so we could have a picture of him to go with the Patch announcement.

I feel like the project is officially underway now that the announcements have been published.  Also, he got his first tent offer from someone on Freecycle.  We’ll meet them on Sunday to pick it up.



One thought on “51/94- Portrait time!

  1. Oh Hayden, I’m so proud of you! This is very exciting! What a great Mom you have. She just hangs in there with you and helps you to see how to push yourself.

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