44/94- Thai Ginger with my honey for our 18th.

Yesterday was our 18th anniversary.  We celebrated by going out for lunch and then heading up to the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest for an evening hike.  The drive up was absolutely gorgeous.  Even though we live amongst thousands of trees it’s still nothing like being up in the forest.

We decided to try a 1 mile trail up a mountain to Crater Lake.  At the end of a one lane country road we found the trail head. 

This was looking south-west of the trail head.  There were a few patches of snow still clinging to the mountains.

The start of the trail was the easiest to see.  It’s not maintained at all and very badly overgrown.  Once we got into the forest we had to keep an eye out for a few ribbon markers, broken brush, cuttings, and a few bark markings.  We had a lot of fun exploring together.

We only made it about half way, if my phone’s GPs was accurate up there, because the trail hunting was pretty time consuming.  We wanted to make sure we made it back down before it got dark.  What took about and hour and a half to hike up only took about 20 minutes to descend.  Pretty funny.  Before we took off, we stopped at Elizabeth Lake and took a few pictures.

Here’s the set on Flickr with a few more pictures.  Forgot to bring my other lens so I didn’t take a lot.


6 thoughts on “44/94- Thai Ginger with my honey for our 18th.

  1. MMMMmmm looks good! Sounds like a great Anniversary day. So glad. I’m also happy to see some pictures of Aaron too. Thanks and Oceans of Love- Mama

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