37/94- My point of view

37/94- My point of view, originally uploaded by kelsimad.

Oops, I forgot to post two pictures. This was from our weekly trip to the U District.

While Hayden was in group I walked to Revenna Park and laid under some trees. As I was relaxing I happened to open my eyes and noticed someone walking by. He looked at me, we both looked away and then we both did a double take. It was a friend from high school! I knew I was actually very close to his house but never expected to see him.

We sat and talked about family, friends, and Round Valley for a while before we both had to go. I was really hoping to go listen to his band play today at a street festival but just didn’t have the time to get over there.

Here’s the other view from that day.

The other picture I missed I’m going to do later. I’m still formulating the words to go with it.


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