36/94- Interior Design

I took this shot while attending the Interior Design Program information session at Bellevue College.

I just finished up my second year at BC this past spring quarter, working on a transfer degree to go to UW.  I had 48 credits completed and had planned out 5 more quarters to finish and then two quarters at UW to complete the prerequisites for the architecture program.  That all changed though when I attended the architecture info session back in May.  I had an idea about what the architecture program might be like at UW as far as the schedule goes but I think I kept hoping that it would be flexible.  My only real question for the program advisor was, can I do it at a part-time pace, a couple of classes at a time?  The answer was absolutely not.  The bus ride home afterwards was agonizing.  I felt like the floor had just been pulled out from under me.  There was no way I could go to UW full-time and take care of my family and home.
That night as I knelt to pray about it I knew I didn’t really need to.  I already knew the answer.  I already knew what was most important.
Because part of me worried that architecture just wouldn’t work I had a back-up plan.  My major officially got changed this week to the AA of Interior Studies at BC.  And I changed one of my classes today to the Intro to Interior Design.  I’m really excited about the design classes.  And in this program I have to take more art classes, which is really exciting.  After the AA I’ll apply to the Bachelor of Interior Design program.
So I have about 7 quarters to get my AA and then 8 for the bachelor.  I’ll graduate at the same time as Ethan will from high school.  Grayson will be done with middle school and Hattie with elementary school.  CRAZY!!
I figure if it’s meant to be then maybe someday I will go to UW for the Master of Architecture but we’ll see.  That’s a long way off.


One thought on “36/94- Interior Design

  1. It’s tough to have such a disappointment. I’m proud of you for having a backup plan. Good for you for hanging in there.

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