34/94- Getting the final signature to get started on his project.

I’ve had a lot of Hayden on my blog the past few days and you will see even more in the next few weeks.
Yesterday he had a meeting with John Duncan, the District approval representative, to get the final signature on his Eagle Project proposal.  John is in the middle.  On the left is Ed, Hayden’s project coach.

The three of them had some great discussion on Hayden’s project.

Lots of brainstorming and more ideas for Hayden to work with.

The official signature.

I’m going to save the details of the project for a couple of days.  I’m kicking myself for not taking a picture of Hayden meeting with Joe Ingram, the beneficiary representative, when he got his signature.  I want to try to catch him and get a picture of the two together.  Edit **I forgot, I already wrote about his project.**

And in other Hayden news.  He’s very pleased to have his hair lightened again.  Someone in Redmond please notice and say something to him.

He just had to have a picture of his hair and new chess set to post on FB.


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