Evergreen Point Freeway Station

I’m grateful to have a car to get us around in but our behemoth can really guzzle the gas.  So I’m almost more grateful to have a fantastic transit system.  Of course it takes longer to get places but I’ve learned it can be incredibly relaxing to slow down and enjoy the ride.  Riding Metro and Sound Transit has taught me a lot of patience.  It gives me a chance to think, explore our city, read scriptures, catch up on news, anything my smart phone will let me do.
One of my favorite parts of public transit is the public part.  I get to see so many different kinds of people and watch their behaviors.  When I’m in my own car I see people and wonder who they are and what their lives are like but when you ride the bus you actually get a small glimpse of those lives.  You see their exhaustion after a full day’s work.  You see them interact with their children, the driver, and each other.  You hear their phone conversations and their conversations with each other.  I’ve been thinking about asking some of them which language they are speaking and keeping a list.
I love to smile at people on the bus and see their reactions.  Usually they smile back and you see the gratitude in their eyes.  Sometimes they seem confused but smile back anyway.
I really love riding the bus.  When I do have to drive I find myself wishing I could have hopped on a bus or just walked.  I’m grateful to live where both are easy to do.


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