3/94- Almost summer break…

Almost summer break…, originally uploaded by kelsimad.

Even though summer solstice was Wednesday our kids have not gotten out of school yet. Due to one good snow storm the year got pushed back a few days. Today was their last full day then Monday is a half day and they are done. Aaron has given them the option to go Monday if they want to. I’m surprised that they all actually want to. I expected Hattie would and maybe Ethan but I figured the rest would want to sleep in.


5 thoughts on “3/94- Almost summer break…

  1. This is a great shot! Glad you all are getting some rain. We haven’t had put one sprinkle and it is sooo hot here! Very unusual.

    1. Thanks again. I was really happy that I got the focus on the drops. Taking pictures with my cell phone is not as easy to control as a camera.
      We wish we could send you our rain. We’re ready for summer sunshine!

  2. This is an awesome photo, Keli! I always hated how the school years in WA tend to drag on forever….good luck with the one last half day!

  3. Ethan was the only one who ended up staying and Hayden left a little early because they weren’t taking attendance.

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