Every year the 3rd graders at Redmond El. get to participate in 8 days of water safety lessons at the Redmond Pool.  This year it’s Grayson’s turn.  He loved it so much.  Each day he came home to tell us about his progress.  “Today I swam this far.”  “Today I passed the test and got to go in the deep end.”  “I jumped off the diving board today.”

But the best was the first day when he told us about the uncomfortable locker room talk when the boys all changed into their swim shorts.


4 thoughts on “Swimming

    1. It was fun to see him take off into the water. It reminded me of when we lived in Phx and would go swimming every morning.

  1. I just love seeing Grayson, and any of the kids for that matter, in activities they love. Thanks for posting them.

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