Exploring with the Holga.

Took a couple more trips into Seattle with the Holga the past few weeks.  The first one was with Aaron and the second was a quick trip on my own.  Some of the shots I was really hopeful for didn’t turn out but others ended up turning out really great.  Holga’s funny that way.

I discovered I’m still on the gum wall at Pike Place Market.  I know the market is such a touristy place but I really love going there.  The Soundview Café makes some yummy burgers and has a great view.  And we love to grab some yummy treats at Three Girls Bakery.

I really love going with my Honey.

On the second trip I went to the Seattle Public Library for the first time.  SUCH A COOL BUILDING!  I will be going back.

Then I headed up to the Columbia Center Observation Deck which is on the 73rd floor.  Very cool view.  Not 360° like the Space Needle but cheaper and quieter.  There were only about 6 other people there while I was.  The Holga shots I took didn’t come out like I wanted but they were pretty cool anyway.

Next time I’m going to the Smith Tower Observation Deck, much lower but I want to see the inside of this building.


3 thoughts on “Exploring with the Holga.

  1. Dallin said the gum pic is really cool but really gross! :) I can’t believe you took these pics, especially the ones of the flowers…they look like pics from a magazine!! You are so talented! Love ya sis :)

    1. Thanks so much Mel. The gum wall is pretty gross but there’s just something about getting to stick a wad of gum on a wall and it not be illegal. :-D

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