Who’s behind?

Boy has it been a while since I’ve been here.

Life has been pretty crazy, as usual.  I’ve been documenting it on almost a daily basis over on flickr but I need to try to share on here more (what else is new?)  So here’s what happened in January.

I started back for my 5th quarter at Bellevue College.  I’m taking English 201 & the darkroom lab again.  I’m trying out a new camera, a Holga 120N.  I’m loving it and have a fun project in the works but it’s super-secret so I’m not posting anything for a while.  In English I’ve done surprisingly well on our first two papers, and will be getting the third one later this week.  Then I have the rest of the quarter to write an 8-10 page research paper.  Ugh.  I was glad we got to pick our own topic.  I’m researching sustainable multi-family housing.

Ethan went on a campout at Ensign Ranch with his Scout Troop.  I just had to take a picture of him when he came back.  Goofy boy.

Grayson participated in his school’s Geography Bee.  He’s been a member of the geography club all year and really enjoys it.

We had a nice big snow storm that cancelled schools for almost a whole week.  The kids loved it, of course.

Hayden finished up his Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge and now he only has to meet with his Communications counselor to sign off that one and it’s Eagle project time.  SQUEEEEEE!!!

Grayson had his pinewood derby.

Forest finished off his Jr High basketball season.

Earning his whittling chip.

And Grayson earned his whittling chip.  He’s more excited about getting it then his Bear badge next week.


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