Happy New Year!

At least I think it’s not to late to say that.

I can’t believe I didn’t post this picture on here. I think I posted to Facebook and forgot about it.

My only real goals for this year are to continue to get good grades at Bellevue College and stay away from Facebook a little bit more.

I’ve been hanging out more on Twitter mainly to get that social fix but to find a place away from all the drama on Facebook.  I’ve wanted to clean up my “friends” list for a while now but honestly most of my friends are extended family.  As much as I care about them, all their drama is getting so tiresome.  But I just can’t bring myself to unfriend because I really do like having the connection.  (If you are my extended relative and you are reading this then you are most definitely not part of the problem.  Trust me.)  So less Facebook and more Twitter has been my answer.

Hope you all have a fabulous year ahead.  Love, Kel


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