This title is getting boring. Pt. 6

This evening I got to relive a tradition from my childhood.  Every year we would have a Christmas Eve party at our Granny’s house, next door.  After eating sandwiches, getting gifts from her, and taking turns at the fish pond some of us would pile in the big tan van to go caroling.  Mom, Aunt Karen and Granny would gather some goodies together in a few care packages and then we would deliver them to the widows in our ward and sing for them.  My own family was not much for singing but Aunt Karen and her girls always carried us.  I really miss the sound of their voices.

So a week or two ago when a friend in the ward mentioned going caroling with some other ladies, I excitedly asked if I could tag along.  I’m glad they didn’t mind me inviting myself.  It was a lot of fun.  I hope they let me join them again next year.

Not a picture of caroling but one of us at Granny’s house Christmas morning.

christmas 81


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