Holiday Traditions Pt. 5

This is going on much longer than I thought I could actually pull off.

And today’s tradition is another that didn’t happen this year but I want to include anyway.  Every year both our families trade names for our Christmas gift exchange.  A few years ago I started the tradition of making gifts instead of buying something.  The first year we had one of my brothers who had 8 kids at the time and Aaron’s brother and family.  This is a zipper purse for one of my nieces. I really want to make another one of these. It turned out so cool!

The next year, 2009, we had my oldest brother and Aaron’s younger sister.  I ended up so late on their gifts that I didn’t even get around to writing a post about them and only took pictures of a couple.

In 2010 we had my mom and Aaron’s youngest brother but my very favorite from that year was the mini Mario hat keychain I made for Aaron.

This year I decided against homemade all together.  Things are just a little too unorganized and crazy.  I hope to get a start on gifts for next year over the summer but we’ll see.

Anyway, I love to make Christmas gifts, It means so much more to me.  I don’t know if the receivers enjoy it as much I do though.


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