Holiday Traditions Pt. 4

This tradition doesn’t  happen every year.  But I still consider it a Christmas tradition.  Years ago I decided I wanted to try my hand at gingerbread so we could make houses.  My one sampling of gingerbread was terrible so I was convinced I could make something worth eating after the decorating.  My Sister-in-Law had given me a sugar cookie recipe that I loved because they were so soft and thick.  My favorite cookies of all are ginger snaps and I have a perfectly snappy recipe for those.  So I set about combining the two recipes and found success.  I stayed up late that first year cutting out and baking walls and roof pieces for five houses.  The next day the boys had a blast eating candy, decorating their houses, and eating more candy.  Aaron and I had so much fun just watching them that we didn’t even decorate ours.  We ended up giving them to my sister for her two boys to decorate.


In 2004 we moved to Washington and made friends with a neighbor (I think that’s her window you see in the picture.)  She had a daughter who was a year older than Grayson and they got along like peas and carrots.  So that year we  made five houses again but invited them to come over and decorate the extra.


2007- Our Gingerbread Village

In 2010 we shared our fun with our friends, the Salas.  I’m sad that we didn’t do that again this year.  Next year, Dave!


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