Holiday Traditions Pt 2.

Part 3 may or may not follow.

We have actually never done this but I kind of hope it will become a tradition.

As I thought Friday and Saturday about the hectic Winter Break we have ahead I wondered if there was something we could do to encourage more love in our home.  By the end of most school vacations I’m at my whit’s end with all the fighting and bickering.

Earlier in the week I got to drive down to Auburn and attend my old ward’s Relief Society Christmas meeting. Some of the ladies shared Christmas stories and /or traditions.  I remembered how one of them talked about how her family would write letters to each other for Christmas and put them in each other’s stockings.

Our plan, and maybe a new tradition, is to write something nice about each member of our family each night this week and put them in their stockings.  On Christmas Day each of us will have a whole bunch of little notes of love to read.

I guess the hope is that as the kids have to write down nice things about each other each evening that maybe they will start to see the good things instead of the bad.  And maybe also affect how they treat each other.  Cross your fingers with me.


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