Forest is 15 today.  One of our birthday traditions is to let the birthday boy/girl pick their favorite dinner.  When I asked Forest last week he couldn’t think of what he wanted and said, “Surprise me.”

He’s been learning Italian on his own for the past several months so an Italian cuisine seemed like a perfect surprise.  Aaron and I based our plan off of what Google says is a traditional Italian meal and then found recipes and ideas to fit.

We started out our evening with sparkling ciders for our aperitivo and plates of meats and focaccia for our antipasto.


Our first course, the primo, was Zuppa Toscana.  Holy moly this soup is a keeper.  Try it out, you will love it.


Then Italian Pork Tenderloin with roasted vegetables for the secondo and contorno.


For dolce we had panna cotta with mixed berries (complete with a candle on top.)  Such a delicious treat, Grayson asked if we could have it for his next birthday.


Lastly we had cantaloupe and provolone cheese for Frutta con formaggio.


We skipped the digestivo and caffè.  There wasn’t any room left even if we had had it.

Happy Birthday Forest.


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